It's Only Live If You're There”

Welcome to my homepage!  In the time of covid live performance is either virtual or non-existent. Since March my only live performances have been the "Corona Cafe" gigs in a driveway in Northampton or a back porch in Shelburne Falls. Selections from these are available on Youtube and elsewhere on this site. 

    It has been a good year to reflect and to try new adventures.  An Ebike and viola are two of mine.  Online piano lessons have continued unabated for the most part, and this has enabled me to hone my insights into teaching.  Working with players who are adept at classical piano who want to crack the code to jazz, blues, and improvisation has become one of my specialties.  If you would like to drink but can't find the water, I can lead you there.  

    Sooner or later venues will open up, the weather will warm up, and we will get back to performance.  I'm keeping my hands loose, finding some new material to play and sing, and making up a few of my own. I look forward to playing blues and jazz for all of you soon.  Keep your chin up, and if you would like to explore learning jazz, blues, and improvisation, give me a shout. 

Contact me at 413-695-2357,, or write me a note here: