It's Only Live If You're There”

Music life has been shifting this past summer. 

Two big updates:  I am now working with vocalist Susan Dillard!  This has been a fulfilling and lucky association.  She is a great person and a fantastic singer/performer.  We have been working on expanding our repertoire to include not only jazz, but choice musical theater, blues, and popular material.  Check out the Susan Dillard and David Bartley page here for samples of our work.

The second big update is that every Wednesday is Jazz Night at the Flat Burger Society in Pittsfield.  I am hosting this weekly event with a trio that includes some of the best musicians in the area in a rotating cast of characters.  The video page here has some new postings you may enjoy.

Mary Ann Polermo has been kind enough to bring me in on many shows this summer and fall featuring her always popular set list and stage presence.  While covid concerns suppresses some of the indoor work we can do,  we will continue to perform over the winter as we look forward to a busy spring and summer schedule.

Keep rolling and remember, It's Only Live If You're There. 

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